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Personal Web Space

With every user account, UCS provides the option of having a portion of your files available to the world via the WWW. Starting documentation on creating this web space is available at the UCS Helpdesk Website.

For users wishing more detailed information on the way in which these web services are provided, and other options to further customize your web environment, please read on.

Web Server Configuration Information

UMBC runs an Apache web server, that runs under the AFS ID www.userwww. The server is configured to allow users to run CGI, php scripts, server side includes, and to also modify access via .htaccess files. The users .htaccess files are allowed to modify AuthConfig, FileInfo, and Limit configurations.

While making access restrictions with .htaccess files, it is important to note that the default ACL for the pub/www directory contains system:anyuser rl, which allows world-wide readability of ANY file in these directories via AFS, allowing users to circumvent access controls you place that are enforced by the web server. In order to limit access to directories on which you are placing web access controls, be sure to remove the system:anyuser rl entry in the respecitve directories ACLs, and replace it with www.userpages rl. (Please see the AFS documentation, or the manpages on the fs setacl command for further information)

Note: previously, the www.userpages rl entry described above was www.gl rl. Please change any access lists that use the old www.gl entry to the new www.userpages entry. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this has caused.

CGI & PHP access

The userpages.umbc.edu web server allows users to run standard CGI programs (via the ExecCGI mechanism) and PHP-scripted web pages. For information on running CGIs, and OIT's policy on these, please read this page. PHP-scripted pages need to end in the extension .php, and have the same usage restrictions as CGIs, so please read the CGI page mentioned above if you plan to run PHP-enhanced pages. (Note that PHP3 is depricated, please update all of your files to php4 and rename them to .php instead of the old .php3)

The User Homepages Index

The User Homepages index at http://www.gl.umbc.edu/userindex is updated on a daily basis. If you have a pub/www directory, and it contains an index.html file, your account will have a place in this list. [an error occurred while processing this directive]